About Moviyana Film Society  

Apart from the fact of being an organization, Moviyana Film Society is rather a collection of young heads engulfed in thoughts about the film culture of Bangladesh. Moviyana Film Society started its journey in 2006, where those young heads evolved their plans around the urge of making new work plans for the long going Film Society Movement in Bangladesh. Inevitably, any organization makes their plans according to its countries need, ability and efficiency. Yet, the film society movement beholds more the ideas and urges of the global aspect of the film society movement. In the highlight of its new work plan, Moviyana Film Society has embraced that global aspect and has blended it with the historical, traditional and cultural background of Bangladesh. In its philosophical stand, Moviyana Film Society cherish the track back into the birth right of Bangladesh and the public expectation the country is born upon.

In a developing country like Bangladesh, where economic consumption is insufficient, political culture is not in the support of its general population and the progressive steps to any work is seen with doubtful eyes, there, working on such a progressive art medium like film is definitely a difficult job to be done. When Moviyana Film Society wants to elevate the film culture of Bangladesh, at the same time they also want the film as an art medium to become a tool for its people in achieving rights. Moviyana Film Society believes that if an art medium fails to serve people in need, then it’s not something one needs to have. Moviyana Film Society also believes that art does excel one’s mind and progress one’s thought process. At the same time, it globalizes one’s sense of nationality and his/her fight for survival. Keeping an underlined promise of unification with the globe, Moviyana Film Society intakes the practice of local culture with profound importance.

Moviyana Film Society is working with an intention to possible the practice of independent film movement through film education, the making of films and the distribution and exhibition of films in Bangladesh.