➢ Round Table Discussion on Unrestricted & Commercial Screening of Indian Films: Impacts on National Film Industry & Culture of Bangladesh at TSC (Jan 24)

➢ Round Table Discussion on Relation Between Film Industry and Film Society Movement in Bangladesh Cine Culture at BFDC (Feb 6)

➢ 1st Documentary Film Making Workshop 2015(Feb 15-22)

➢ Open Air Screening of Films made on Shahbag Protest 2015(Feb 5)

➢ 8th International Children Film Festival in Sylhet (Jan 25-27)


➢ 1st Film Making Workshop for Children 2014

➢ 6thFilm Appreciation Course 2014

➢ Badal Rahman Memorial Lecture 2014

➢ Film Festival of Peoples` Protest 2014

➢ Round Table Discussion on the Film Children of War at TSC

➢ Open Air Screening of Films made on Shahbag Protest 2014

➢ TarequeMasud Memorial Festival 2014

➢ 7th International Children Film Festival in Sylhet

➢ 13th International Short Film Festival in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

➢ 2nd Commemorative Program on DilipChakraborti


➢ Contemporary Bangladeshi Film Festival 2013

➢ Film Festival of Women Film Makers in Bangladesh 2013

➢ Film Study Circle 2013

➢ Digital Film Making Workshop 2013

➢ Tareque Masud Memorial Lecture 2013

➢ Commemorative Program on Rituparno Ghosh titled Atapor Rituparno

➢ Badal Rahman Memorial Lecture 2013

➢ Open Air Film Screening on Shahbag Protest (5th February to 7th March)

➢ Short and Documentary Film Screening (Moviyana Production)

➢ 6th International Children Film Festival in Sylhet


➢ Film Study Circle 2012 in Sylhet

➢ Science Fiction and Animated Film Festival 2012 in Sylhet

➢ Digital Film Making Workshop 2012

➢ Badal Rahman Memorial Lecture 2012

➢ Commemorative Program on Badal Rahman

➢ 5th International Children Film Festival 2012

➢ Published basic film study book ‘Cholochitropath’

‘Cholochitropath’ launching program


➢ Film Aamar Bondhu Rashed screening in Sylhet Auditorium (June 24-27) & Sylhet Agriculture University

➢ 5thFilm Appreciation Course 2011 in Sylhet

➢ Film Study Circle 2011

➢ Round Table Discussion on the Film Meherzaan

➢ Protest against the content regarding presentation of “LalonSai” in the film ‘MonerManush’

➢ 3rd Film Script Writing Workshop 2011


➢ Workshop on Abbas Kiarostami & New Language of World Cinema

➢ 4th Film Appreciation Course 2010

➢ Published film bulletin ‘Chitrorup’

Publishing memorial Souvenir Poster of Film Maker Badal Rahman

➢ Film Runway screening in Sylhet Auditorum (Dec 23-25)


➢ Workshop on Aesthetics of Photography and Cinematography

➢ Published film journal ‘Moviyana’

➢ Workshop on Films of ZahirRaihan

➢ 3rd Film appreciation Course 2009

➢ 2ndFilm Script Writing Workshop 2009

➢ Seminar on ‘Evaluation of Present Situation of Film Culture and Film Society Movement in Bangladesh’


➢ Workshop on Films of Akira Kurosawa

➢ Workshop on Films of Robert Bresson

➢ 2ndFilm appreciation Course 2008

➢ Workshop on Films of Ritwik Kumar Gatak

➢ Commemorative Program on noted novelist Shahidul Jahir titled ‘Katha ShahitterNivritaSadhak’

➢ Daylong Seminar on ‘Restriction of Film Censorship and Limitations in Distribution system of Digital Cinema’

➢ Publishing Souvenir Poster for ‘Celebrating 100 years: Bengali in Film making’

➢ Country’s First 4 month long Digital Film Making Workshop 2008


➢ Bengali Film Festival titled Dui Banglar Cholochchitro Utsob

➢ 1stFilm Script Writing Workshop 2007

➢ Film Appreciation Course 2007

➢ Workshop on Films of Satyajit Ray


➢ First Council of Moviyana Film Society
Venue: Isfendiyar Jahed Hasan Auditorium, BiswaSahitya Kendra (world literature center)
Time: 5.30 pm
Film Screening: Blackout(Digital Film) by TokonThakoor
Aagami by Morshedul Islam