Film Festival of Peoples’ Protest 2014  

Sometimes the filmmakers also cling themselves into the movements for human rights. Such examples of filmmakers participating in the movements by making documentary films for rights can be found in every country.

Bangladesh is no exception to that. The fight for right is not governed under any political leadership; rather, the local people unite and stand up on the road till death to question and demand their rights. It’s not new in our history that filmmakers have made their camera a tool to participate in such movements. It started with Jahir Raihan in 1971, when he made ‘Stop Genoside’. And, this tradition continues. Moviyana Film Society organized ‘ Films for movement 2014’ where such documentary films made on different on going movement issues in last one decade was screened. 14 documentary films were exhibited in that festival, which took place in Chobir Haat in Shahbag. The festival held on 21 and 22 November of 2014.

Moviyana Film Society is planning ahead for ‘ Films for Movement 2015’ in November.

  Film Festival of Women Filmmakers in Bangladesh 2013  

After the independence till now, organizing a film festival only with films directed by women directors had been one of the most effective steps of time. To take part and to succeed in the field of filmmaking in Bangladesh is equally hard for any woman in Bangladesh. The social issues being the burning causes, the dominating attitude of the male film directors is also a vital reason for restricting any efforts taken in by a woman in the film industry. But, strangely, this issue had never been raised upon in the practice of film society movement so far. When women are ignored in the typical social picture, the progressive medium like film also failed to provide sufficient support to the woman directors.

Moviyana Film Society not only organized a film festival with films of woman directors, but also honored the courageous effort of those women. So, the festival contained documentary films, short films and feature films directed by Bangladeshi women from 1972 to 2013. Ferdousi Priyovashini was the one to inaugurate the festival. The woman film directors of Bangladesh were honored on one stage in the festival. Each of the directors was honored with souvenir crest and uttoriyo. Never ever any female film director were honored like this in any occasion. The festival was held from 6 October to 11 October of 2013 at the National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.

There was also a panel discussion with the participating directors of the festival on the topic ‘How difficult it is for female filmmakers to take part in the film industry of Bangladesh’.

  Contemporary Bangladeshi Film Festival 2013  

After a long break, Moviyana Film Society organized their second film festival in 2013. This time, they screened selected Bangladeshi films being made between 2002 to 2012.The festival was titled ‘Contemporary Bangladeshi Film Festival 2013’.

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy was the co-organizer of this film festival and it was held from 3 July to 9 July of 2013 in the National Art Gallery of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The directors of the selected films of the festivals were honored with souvenir crests and uttoriyo in the inauguration program. As a part of the festival, a seminar was also held to discuss the diversity of subjects and tendency of contemporary Bangladeshi films. Apart from directors, film researchers and film critics also took part in the seminar.

  Bangla Film Festival 2007  

For the first time, Moviyana Film Society organized six-day long ‘Bangla Film Festival’ in 2007. The festival screened selected classical and contemporary films from Bangladesh and West Bengal. The festival went on from 14 April to 19 April of 2007.