Digital Film Making Workshop   

Amongst all the film education program of Moviyana Film Society, the Digital Film Making Workshop is the most important one. The duration of this ‘Digital Film Making workshop’ is 4 to 6 months. In Bangladesh, Moviyana Film Society had been the first to arrange a 4 months ‘Digital Film Making Workshop’. When it started in March 2008, it was the first ever Digital Film making workshop by any film society in this country. Moviyana Film Society organizes this workshop with the intention to make possible the making of independent films using all digital technologies. Moviyana Film Society being the producer, the participants in the first workshop made four short digital films through team effort as their final production of the workshop.

The next session of ‘Digital Film Making Workshop’ was initiated in 2012. The duration of that workshop was initially 4 months, but it extended into 6 months afterwards. Along with practical demonstration, participants in this workshop got in-depth knowledge about film history, film theory, and role of film in political, social and cultural aspect, commercial film and independent film. At the end of the workshop, the participants made three fiction films and one documentary. Moviyana film society was the producer of those films. Those films were much appreciated by everyone. Those films had been screened in different local film festivals afterwards. In 2012, Bangladesh shilpakala Academy was a joint organizer of this Digital Film Making Workshop.

Like previous years, Moviyana Film Society also organized the third session of this film making workshop in 2013, but due to political unrest and national election, the workshop session started in February of 2014 and ended in September. It was decided that this time participants would make 5 documentary films and they are still under construction.

In 2015, another session of the Digital Film Making Workshop is about to set up. We hope to start our session from March. Like 2012 and 2013, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy is in collaboration in 2015 too.

  Film making workshop for children   

In 2014, Moviyana Film Society organized film making workshop for children for the first time. This initiative was made possible in collaboration of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in Sylhet.

In that 8 days long workshop, children learnt about films for the first time. They also received technical demonstrations about film making. In that 2014 workshop, children made two films, ‘ Friendship’ and ‘ Platform’. The fiction film ‘Friendship’ was selected for the 8th International Children’s Film Festival in 2015. Following the success of previous year, preparation for film making workshop for children in 2015 has already been taken.

  Film Appreciation Course   

‘Film Appreciation Course’ was the first educational program of Moviyana Film Society after its establishment in 2006. The first ‘Film Appreciation course’ was set on 2007. In that two months long course, the main object was to help new film students learn to see and read films. This initiative often helps students to have their eyes opened to feel the medium of film. A properly initiated ‘Film Appreciation Course’ plays an important part in making standard audience, critic, film researcher and film journalist.
Moviyana Film Society has organized ‘Film Appreciation Course’ in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 in Dhaka and in 2011 in Sylhet. After a break, the ‘Film Appreciation course’ was initiated again in 2014 in Dhaka. So far, Moviyana Film Society has organized 6 two-months long ‘Film Appreciation Courses’.

  Workshop on documentary filmmaking  

This year, Moviyana Film Society has initiated a new program for a practical workshop on documentary filmmaking, titled ‘ Documentary Film Making workshop 2015’.

In this 8-day long workshop, the instructor taught the participants from the basics of documentary filmmaking to the final process of making an actual one. The participants of the workshops made two independent documentary films in groups. Moviyana Film Society was the producer of the films. The workshop instructor of ‘Digital Film Making Workshop 2015’ was Saiful Wadud Helal. The workshop held from 15 February to 22 February of 2015. The two films made in the workshop are in the editing phase now.

  Script writing workshop  

Script is one of the most integral parts of any filmmaking. But, in Bangladesh it is one of the weakest wings too. To make creative and efficient script writers with potentials, Moviyana Film Society initiated their script writing workshop program. The first batch of script writing workshop was set in 2007 and the two-months long’ Workshop on script writing’ went on successfully. Then, in 2008 and 2009 two other sessions of two-months long workshops were held.