Film magazine – Moviyana   

At the end of 2007 and 2008, Moviyana Film Society published annual bulletin. But, in 2009, Moviyana Film Society took the initiative of publishing a magazine about film. In 2009, a film magazine titled ‘ Moviyana’ was published. Moviyana Film Society’s founder and President Belayet Hossain Mamun was its editor. ‘Moviyana’ was successful in rapturing a new wave in the film literature practice in Dhaka. Along with other film related write-ups ‘Moviyana’ contained a segment about digital films where a set of ten articles were compiled under the title ‘ Prashanga Digital Chalachitra’ (About Digital Film).

  Film bulletin – Chitrarup   

In 1980, the then government of Bangladesh initiated ‘Film club registration and regulations act 1980’ to restrict the film society movement. On the 30th year of this act’s initiation, in 2010, Moviyana Film Society published the bulletin ‘Chitrarup’ containing the article titled ‘30 years of repressive law’. Moviyana Film Society is working on Chitrarup’s new edition to be published in 2015.