Film Study Circle  

What is film? How to appreciate a film? Why should one study film? How film theories are read? How are the interactions between film and other art mediums and what are the differences? How does a film language develop? How does film create film-literature and what is film-literature? How are the relation between film and people, society and state build up? Why do a state or a government ‘censor’ a film or wants to? How do film affect politics and social system? How do popular films control public taste and change the look of a local mass culture? How can film become a tool for social change or why does it want to be one?

The film study circle necessitates the urge of discussion, individual and collective study and analysis of such and more topics. In this three months course, under relevant syllabus and through lectures of topic-relevant teachers and exhibition of topic based classic and contemporary films the study circle tends to organize sessions for understanding, studying, watching and learning films.

This film study circle had been regular amongst the members since 2006.

In 2011 the informal study circle turned into a three months study circle initiative for the first time. With the help of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy and Bangladesh Film Archive, Moviyana Film Society organized a film study circle in this country for the first time. Then in 2013, this study circle program was organized in collaboration with Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. In 2014, jointly with Sylhet branch of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Sylhet branch of Moviyana Film Society also organized a study circle program.